magdalena korzynietz

My mission

I want to help people change their mindset, activate their superpowers and use them in work and personal life.

I provide handy tools to clear air from bad assumptions and misunderstandings, therefore find the common and honest intentions and start reaching the goals as a strong group of experts. Achieving a work balance using individual strengths and powers is my goal.

Instead of waiting for a conflict to come, instead of hiding mistakes and failures, I want to encourage you to feel free and strong to find a way to improve together and find a key to success as a united team.

It is all there, it just has to be found.

My story

I believed for a long time that my goal has to be to get perfect at something and then at everything. Then I started to work at a language school in Spain. Teaching quickly became my passion, but the most important thing I have learned is how powerful real teamwork can be. For the first time, I got confidence in my skills but at the same time comfortable at admitting when I was wrong. Knowing that every mistake leads me to improvement. I knew that I can count on others. We all had different cultural backgrounds, we had different abilities and superpowers, but we all had the same goals and trusted each others´ intentions. We had the natural flow of exchanging ideas supporting each other. I truly felt a part of the team and that was the most important part of the work which gave me satisfaction and happiness to go to work every day.

What happened there, how did it happen?

Something really simple but very powerful. At the first teacher training, which I attended still a bit frightened and depressed after my last job, I heard significant words from the trainer Paloma: Magda, you have astounding energy and creativity, you do not listen to people who tells you to be quiet, you speak up, you go for it, you shout for it! It clearly boosted my confidence but something much more significant happened as well. She awoke my ability to appreciate others. I was not only amazed by the way participants of this training performed, furthermore, but it also became important to me to share that with them. Make sure what a great job they did. It felt really natural and so rewarding to see others not as competition but as inspiration. It worked like a real support system.

Support system: I hear a good word – I share a good word – the good word comes back to me. “I” changed to “We” (these two last sentences should be well seen) If one feels confident and comfortable with himself, he gets to see others´ assets and wants to share and exchange the rediscovered superpowers. I like to use the word superpowers because I believe that everyone is kind of a hero once using the full volume of his skills. The real magic happens when a team gets to join these superpowers and uses it on a daily basis.


Magdalena Korzynietz took a great piece of her professionalism from teaching children and adults. Creating engaging, great scripted, active lessons enriched with her positive energy, was her trademark.

As an office and language school manager, she understood the importance of teamwork with the perspective of WE, where trust, satisfaction and joy of work find its place.

As a certified mediator, she holds the tools to clear communication and to free the workspace from unnecessary distractions.

As a facilitator, she creates engaging online and in-person workshops by using improvisation, communication exercises with a somatic approach to awake peoples awareness of themselves and others.

Her abilities to speak four languages and having worked in 5 different countries let her connect with people on an intercultural level.

Magdalena Korzynietz is now on a mission to help people change their mindset, activate their superpowers and use them in work and personal life. Most importantly, she leaves the teams with new sustainable knowledge on how to deal with misunderstandings and crises.

Personal and professional life equipped Magdalena with all the tools she needs to create workshops of great value. Through them, she can reach people and change their stories. And sometimes even make them laugh.

Magdalena Korzynietz

Why me

certified mediator and
IAF facilitator

intercultural work experience in 5 different countries

linguist: German, Spanish, Polish, English

magdalena korzynietz

My philosophy

I believe in people, their superpowers and…

Successful Failing

Needs-oriented communication

Value of Diverse Perspective

Constructive Disagreement

Importance of Empathy

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