Teamculture is your biggest power!

Let's wake up the superpowers of your team!

Who is the workshop for?

You are a fast-growing startup, a company with an intercultural atmosphere. You have gathered the best professionals from different countries and put them in teams. Regardless, the effort, you feel like you are losing a lot of time due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. We have the solution to your problem. The key is to guide your team to understand and agree on the change of perspective from “I” to “WE”, because WE works. We will plant the change together that grows into a sustainable improvement for the whole company’s atmosphere and your employees’ work fulfillment. Which directly leads to higher efficiency and productivity of the people and the company. We are not one more consulting company, process facilitators or agile trainers.


The aim of the workshop

Our mission is to open people´s mind on real teamwork and team power.

Waiting for a conflict to come, hiding mistakes and failures get your team into a black corner. We workS workshops provide handy tools to help clear the work environment from bad assumptions and misunderstandings, therefore find the common and honest intentions and start reaching the goals as a strong group of experts. Guiding them towards efficient work with clear new rules on how to cooperate without much distraction.

It is time for your team to feel free and feel strong. Let´s give them the big chance to look at each of the employees and the whole team as a source of inspiration and motivation. It is time to get your team the perspective of WE. Because We workS!

Remember, the workshops are tailored especially for your company and your team. So, do not hesitate and book your first free consult. It is a small first step but it will direct your team into sustainable changes.



First contact

free consultation

Diagnosis of situation

Individual interviews and try-on session

Tailored Workshop

Extra option

Individual mediation
Daily protocols


final protocol and team agreement

Follow-up meeting

Approx. 1 month later feedback
Lessons learned

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