Team culture is your biggest power!

I transfer your team from a group of individuals into a united team with a common purpose. The workshops will wake up the superpowers of your team.

Because weworks!

Magdalena Korzynietz

Increase productivity

First, your team starts to understand the importance of the diverse roles they play. Next, they develop deeper trust towards each other and clear the workspace from conflict and misunderstandings. Communication improves, efficiency and work results as well. You save time, money, and stress.


Improve work atmosphere

Bringing team culture to a higher level means making its members work truly together. Therefore, everyone fully uses their skills, power, and energy. The team inspires and relies on one another.
Employees feel connected to the company. They are motivated to stay with you longer. You save money and time, instead of hiring new people.


Raise profits

Up to now, your employees spend a lot of time on solving conflicts and misunderstandings. More than you would imagine. This can consume up to 50% of the work time.
Weworks workshop will lead your team to productive working. There is a direct connection between increased productivity and higher profits.


We transform your team. From a group of individuals you become a united and motivated team. You start to work together towards the common goals.

1. Diagnosis of your individual situation

individual interviews and
try-on session

2. Tailored Workshop

workshops are designed for your team´s needs

3. Follow-up meeting

lessons learned &
analysis of team's agreement

Magdalena Korzynietz

Wake up the energy and superpowers of your team with the perspective of "we"!

Magdalena Korzynietz

My mission

My goal is to animate the team spirit to take the company culture to the next level. As an educator, I build my approach on trust, mutual support, and appreciation of diversity for sustainable collaboration.

I am an IAF Facilitator and an experienced mediator who derives on powerful learning experience that provokes to think, play, and unite to awaken individuals’ and teams’ superpowers. I am on a mission to unlock company’s energy to increase productivity by establishing self-steering teams able to resolve their own challenges fast.

What can you expect?

The team members stay motivated and focused. They bring in fresh and innovative ideas.

Team members start to appreciate cultural diversity, find a common understanding and an effective way to communicate.

Everybody has more time to enjoy their work life.

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You can expect:

  • Healthy and harmonic work atmosphere
  • Less time spent on hiring new team members
  • Less time solving problems caused by misunderstandings
  • Increased efficiency and profits

The most important rule of the workshop is voluntary participation. I am also always available to talk personally to every member of the team to help him/her understand the importance of the workshops and how everybody will profit from it. 

No, it is not. It is a set of workshops. I tailor the workshop on the team. Based on team size, availability, necesity and interests identified during diagnosis we can agree on 2, 3, or more days.

Few weeks after the main part of the workshop, there is always a feedback meeting. It serves to check if the things the team learned and agreed on, are taking place and are working and follows the rule of successfull failing.

The feedback meeting is a core part of the entire team building. It assures sustainable group development.

I use a combination of somatic mediation, coaching, improvisation, and relaxation techniques, to awake self-awareness, confidence, individual and common values, and honest intentions. 

The workshop aims to create together within the whole team, an agreement on the improvement of work. There is also a possibility of receiving a protocol after every meeting and a final protocol of the complete workshop.

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